How to get slimeballs in Minecraft

10 January, 2023

How to get slimeballs in Minecraft

There are many mobs in Minecraft. Each mob drops an exclusive item or a few similar items. These items can be used for crafting, building, and eating. Although items such as string and rotten flesh are very common drops from mobs', there are some rarer items that come from their parent mobs.

Minecraft has a unique resource: slimeballs These slimeballs were introduced in Minecraft's version 1.0.11. They can be used for many different purposes and can be easily farmed if their spawning conditions have been met.

Slimeballs in Minecraft: An entire guide


There are many uses for slimeballs in Minecraft. They can be used to build, craft and trade. You can make four items with slimeballs in Minecraft. These are Magma Cream and Sticky Pistons. Nine slimeballs are required to make slime blocks.


Sometimes, the Wandering Trader sells slimeballs for 4 emeralds. This may seem like an insignificant trade but slimeball builders and decorators who have excess emeralds can benefit from the offer.

Automation and Building

Building and automation are aided by slimeballs. These slimeballs are used to create sticky pistons that are used in many automated Minecraft builds. The sticky piston works in the same manner as a regular piston. It can pull blocks toward itself, which allows other blocks to take their places in a pattern. For example, sticky pistons would be great for secret door construction.

How to get it

Two mobs can naturally obtain slimeballs. Each mob has its own spawning conditions.

1) Slimes

Slimes are hostile, green-colored mobs that are bouncy and bouncy. As they move around the map, they emit a squelching noise. They can be found in swamp biomes at nights or deep underground in caves. A giant slime will split into two smaller slimes when it is killed. When killed, slimes usually drop between 0 and 2 slimeballs.

2) Pandas

The rare mob of Pandas in Minecraft is found in the jungle and bamboo forests biomes, and their variants. Bamboo forests may have them more frequently. When they sneeze, there is a 0.0014% chance that a panda will drop one slimeball.

Minecraft has seven pandas variants. You can also classify them by personality traits like laziness, worry and aggression. The brown panda is one of the most rare in Minecraft.

Many survival players use slimeballs occasionally. This ingredient is crucial for players who want to build slime blocks and sticky pistons.