Must-have enchantments in Minecraft

22 November, 2022

Must-have enchantments in Minecraft

One of the most important mechanics in Minecraft is enchanting. It can be used to infuse a piece or weaponry, book, or armor with an enchantment.

Enhance existing abilities or features of a book or gear piece with enchantments, or add additional abilities. Some enchantments can be broken down into levels according to their efficiency and strength, while others work as one entity.

Although Minecraft's initial stages can be managed with default weapons, armor, tools, and other tools, as Minecraft progresses, the player is exposed to unprecedented levels of danger. Enchantments are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Players should therefore be able to quickly acquire an enchantment table or farm experience.

1) Soul Speed

Soul Speed is one the most rare enchantments in the game. You can only obtain it by bartering (1.09% probability), killing piglins (8.5%), and looting bastion remains (9.8%). There are three levels of enchantments.

This allows players to dramatically increase their walking speed while walking on soul soil and soul sand. This is a great advantage, since soul sand valleys contain skeletons, and even more, Ghasts that can fire fireballs and shoot arrows at players from far. Players can quickly traverse the biome and escape any dangers by increasing their walking speed.

2) Fortune

Fortune is one of the most popular enchantments in Minecraft. This improves the drop chance and the amount of almost all items in the game. The highest level in the game is Level 3.

This is not soul speed and it can only be obtained using specific methods within the Nether. Fortune is possible in the Overworld by traditional methods, such as an enchanting tableau.

2) Mending

Mending is one the most valuable enchantments available in Minecraft. Mending allows players to repair or restore their weapons, armor, and tools using any experience points they have. There is only one level to Mending.

This enchantment falls under the category of treasure enchantments but can be obtained by using an enchanting table. This enchantment is only available at the highest level of enchanting, i.e. the player must have at minimum 30 experience levels. Chests and fishing are also good sources of the “mending book” enchanted. A random item is selected if multiple items need to be repaired.

How Minecraft players can enchant their gear

Before you can begin enchanting, you need to first gather the necessary materials. These materials require more powerful tools. First, players must collect obsidian with a diamond pickaxe. Next, combine a diamond and four blocks of obsidian to create a boom within a crafting table. You can also find books in chest loot, or by mining bookshelves.

Librarian villager huts are often home to bookshelves. If players don't have the ability to access the above methods of getting books, they can also use a crafting recipe. It requires three pieces paper and one piece of leather.

Lapis Lazuli is required in order to begin enchanting. Experience levels are also necessary. Lapis, a rare blue-colored ore, is used to enchant. Lapis can be found anywhere in Y levels 64 through -64. However, Y level zero is the best level for mining Lapis Lazuli.