Spigot vs PaperSpigot?

20 November, 2022

Spigot vs PaperSpigot?

Minecraft servers have for long been one of the game's most popular features, making their first debut over ten years ago.

Operating a Minecraft server can be difficult because of its high player count. This can be mainly blamed on poorly optimized vanilla server code.

Paper and Spigot both use optimized versions of the default Minecraft server software to reduce server lag. This article will take a deeper look at each project and highlight their strengths.

Paper or Spigot? Which Minecraft server software is the best?

First, it is important to clarify that Paper (formerly PaperMC) is a Spigot fork. This means that PaperMC contains code from Spigot and wouldn't exist without the Spigot Project.

All plugins that were created for Spigot servers also work on PaperMC servers (as long as the Minecraft version is the same). Server owners can switch from Spigot to paper with a simple jar file modification.

Which one should I use for my server?

Spigot is considered more efficient than paper due to the optimizations made in the server code. This allows users to control technical aspects of their Minecraft server such as redstone features to disable and TNT mechanics.

Paper comes with its own “v2” timings system. This system allows users to dive deep into the server's internal workings and can be very useful in identifying areas that are slow or lag.

Paper can also be used to fix bugs in Spigot. This makes it more stable than regular Spigot. Both have large user bases and can be considered stable enough to support almost any use case.

Servers that are expecting to have even a small player base should strive to be as efficient as possible. Paper is an inexpensive upgrade to Spigot that can dramatically increase performance without any noticeable cost.

After using PaperMC, my server still has issues.

A Minecraft server may lag for many reasons. A specific issue can cause a server to lag. Users can diagnose the problem by viewing a timings report.

This guide will help you fix any lag issues on your Minecraft server.

If you are looking for something faster than PaperMC, Tuinity or Airplane might be a good choice. These two custom forks from PaperMC are highly optimized and include many additional enhancements.

This performance boost comes at a cost, however, as these builds are less stable than Paper or Spigot software.