Windswept hills information breakdown

15 November, 2022

Windswept hills information breakdown

Windswept hill biomes, which are grassy and stony biomes, are often found in colder climates. They were first described in Minecraft as mountain biomes.

Windswept hill biomes are not considered to be mountains anymore, but they still share some similarities with more robust species. One might consider them to be a “diet-mountain” biome, or a lighter version than what Minecraft players consider mountains in version 1.18.

While they have some similarities to mountains, windswept hills are unique biomes due to how their generation algorithm works and the features they include.

It is home to more than its fair share of rolling hills, stony cliffs and small islands. However, windswept hills can occasionally create floating blocks or small floating island. You can often see waterfalls and lava flowing from high elevation areas. Sometimes, they even fall from floating islands creating an amazing and unusual visual effect.

Water buckets are a great way to climb the hills and biomes created by windswept hills. The player can then place water on a nearby platform, and then swim up the water current to the top of the platform. The water should not freeze as players shouldn't be concerned about it. Snowfall and freezing temperatures must still occur at this elevation. It is important to be aware that windswept hills often surround colder biomes.

Depending on which version of Minecraft is being used, windswept hills biomes may spawn different mobs. Minecraft: Java Edition allows players to find the most common hostile mobs as well as standard animals such as pigs and chickens. In Java Edition, however, llamas can also spawn in small groups in windswept hills.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition changes this somewhat, as players will be able to find goats in addition to other animals. Underground and underwater, players might also find glow squids and axolotls. However, axolotls can only spawn in water above clay blocks in lush cave biomes. Players would need to find a lush cave beneath the windswept hills to make this possible.

Windswept hills, which are the only biome capable of carrying semi-precious minerals, are also available to mineral ore hunters.

Last note: Windswept hills in Minecraft have two versions, windswept forests or windswept gravelly hills. Although they share the same features as their predecessors, these biomes have a hybrid nature with more trees and larger slopes of gravel.